Central South Carolina, USA is a vibrant region of more than one million entrepreneurs, educators, engineers, skilled workers and craftspeople, tech talent and scientists who go to work every day driven by curiosity, courage, and a can-do spirit. Located in the heart of South Carolina, things happen here – in classrooms, in laboratories, and in the state house that change, not just a single town, but our entire state. From the factory floor to the boardroom, we are globally connected. Our distinct communities anchored by our dedicated people, have become the perfect home for globally recognized brands.

Our region is home to sixteen Japanese companies – leaders in the automotive, machinery, food, chemical and agribusiness industries.

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66% of the U.S. population accessible within a day’s drive

3,000+ Central SC workers employed by Japanese firms

#9Japan is a Top 10 trading partner with South Carolina

Why Japanese Companies Choose Central SC

Matsuba Gakuen Japanese Language Supplementary School

Offered through the University of South Carolina, this Saturday school allows students to experience Japanese culture through traditional experiences, events, and activities as well as through learning Japanese language and mathematics in the classroom.

Mild Climate & Low Cost of Living

Central South Carolina’s mild climate translates to uninterrupted production and provides a desirable lifestyle. A cost of living well below the national average makes homeownership an achievable goal, while competitive wages keep companies profitable.

Business & Operating Costs

In South Carolina and the Central SC Region, we’ve designed and formalized a tax and incentive environment that positions business and people for success. From customized incentive packages and a host of credits and exemptions, Central SC makes business welcome while competitive utility costs help hold down operating costs.

Komatsu: wheel loaders & forklifts
Hikari: Transmission components
Hitachi Rail: railroad signaling equipment
Akebono: brake systems