$62M housing development to boost economic growth on Garners Ferry Road in Richland County

May 9, 2024

are big plans in the works near Garners Ferry Road in Columbia.

A new 62-million-dollar affordable and market-rate housing development is being built on Cliff Kinder and Pineview Road. It will have more than 308 units.

Burnside Farmers Apartment is set to break ground in June and local leaders are glad to see it.

“Economic development comes better opportunities, a better tax base,” said Richland County Councilman Don Weaver.

It’s all welcome news to the folks at JR’s Barber Salon along Garners Ferry Road; more development means more business.

“We have a lot of militaries that's coming in,” said Dontell Bill, a Barber at JR’s Barber Salon. He added, “It's going to bring more high school kids, you know, more people that's looking for haircuts that just moved to the city; so, t's a great opportunity.”

Bill has been a barber for 14 years. While he sees the area growing the cost of living there could be a concern for some.

“I think they're going to be a little higher there actually,” said Bill. He added, “owning a house because of the housing market it right now with the interest rate; so, it's kind of like a loss, loss situation.”

“I wouldn't necessarily say that because anytime you get more housing units it's competition,” said Weaver. He added, “So, all of a sudden, you've got new apartments, which means the older apartments, for instance, have to either, you know, be lower increases in their rent because they're competing now with brand new construction.”

Just a few miles away from the new apartment complex site there is another development in the works called Hunters Branch in southeast Columbia with homes under $250,000.

“The beautiful thing about these builders their providing a lot of incentives so they have bought downs you can buy, they have closing cost where they give you 10,000 to 12,000 closing cost where you can have your monthly payment where you’re comfortable,” said Tie White, a local realtor.

With the growth in this part of Columbia, some Richland County leaders like Don Weaver want to make sure it makes sense for that community.

“We're able to give back to the community a little bit more but again, we don't want just growth for growth’s sake and additional traffic without adding value, if you will, to the community."