BullStreet’s new state-of-the-art office building debuts with first tenant. Take a look inside

September 13, 2022

source: The State

You can’t deny the progress currently happening at Columbia’s BullStreet District.

It’s readily apparent when you visit the massive former State Mental Hospital site, where construction crews are moving dirt, swinging hammers and pushing forward on a host of projects. Those include converting the historic Babcock Building into apartments, building the coming Iron Hill Brewery, and constructing the new Bennet apartment development that will bring nearly 300 more residences near Segra Park.

And in the middle of that swirl of activity, a longtime Columbia law firm is stepping into the future in the newest building on the BullStreet site.

Robinson Gray Stepp & Laffitte, a decades-old Columbia firm that specializes in litigation, business and other areas of the law, recently moved into the newly constructed WestLawn building, which is located just west of Segra Park, near the BullStreet Starbucks and REI stores. The law firm occupies the expansive fourth and fifth floors of the building. There will be retail space available on the first floor, and the remaining floors will be office space.

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