Columbia medical supply company starts selling at-home COVID tests to public

January 4, 2022

source: WACH FOX57

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) -- Thousands of South Carolinians are coming down with COVID-19 symptoms every day, but getting tested is becoming a difficult task. Columbia-based company,Rhino Medical Supply, supplies hospitals and healthcare systems with COVID-19 tests but is now selling them to the public.

Rhino Chief Operating Officer Elliot Haynie says since the surge in COVID-19 and a high demand for tests, they decided to sell at-home tests to the public.

“Being able to test quickly is critical in slowing down the spread of the virus," said Haynie, "when you would normally go to a Walgreens and be able to find a test.. You can’t find them anymore.”

Haynie says they’ve seen first hand that when people don’t have access to tests - the virus spreads.

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