Hospital stay inspires SC pharma exec to change how medicines are delivered

January 13, 2022

source: Post and Courier Columbia

COLUMBIA — Jody Chastain was dozing late at night in the chair beside his wife’s hospital bed when a nurse stepped into the room with medicine.

He watched as the woman struggled to pull the seal from the top of the cup. Then he watched as she gave up and reached into her pocket for a pair of scissors, using them to puncture the stubborn lid.

As the nurse started to hand the now-open cup to his wife, the pharmaceutical executive grew concerned. What about any germs that might have been on those scissors? How might that cause harm to his wife who was dealing with breast cancer?

Chastain stopped the nurse and asked for a new dose.

It was this exchange that would launch him and his employees on a five-year mission to find a new way to administer liquid medication, shaking up methods that have been in place for at least 20 years.

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