Manning manufacturer shifts focus in pandemic to help businesses

July 27, 2020

source: The Sumter Item

COVID-19 has had a negative effect on many across the country, but one manufacturer saw it as an opportunity to partner with a software company and create an innovative way to stay in business while adapting to the new normal.

Advanta Southeast, a metal fabrication manufacturing company in Manning, teamed up with Verifyii, a software company in Greenville, to create a kiosk that can detect a person's body temperature before entering a facility or workplace, reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus and any other future illnesses.

The Verifyii Elevated Body Temperature Screening Platform is meant to eliminate wasteful labor costs on manual screening and data entry and is the best way to practice social distancing while checking a person's temperature, company leaders say.

Verifyii co-founders Ben O'Hanlan and Brett Kraeling already had the product made into a kiosk with several different features available, but just before the pandemic began, they added the elevated body temperature feature. This specific feature piqued the interest of many different types of businesses across the country that were looking for ways to continue working through the coronavirus.

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