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We’re a region of nearly one million entrepreneurs, educators, and legislators, skilled workers and craftspeople, farmers, and scientists driven by curiosity, courage, and a can-do spirit.

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among Growth States

U-Haul, 2022

Top 5city for Millennial & Gen Z migration

Columbia, SC

38.3 yrs oldmedian age

Central SC Region


private and total unionization rates in the U.S.

S.C., 2021

2nd largest

concentration of military Veterans in S.C.

SCDVA, 2022

Racial Diversity


Racial diversity is high in Columbia, SC. The national average for an area this size is 341,116 racialy diverse people, while there are 378,619 here.



Columbia, Sc Has 62,185 Veterans. The National Average For An Area This Size Is 45,871

Area Stats

Average Hourly Wages
All Occupations
Architecture & Engineering
Business & Financial Operations
Computer & Mathematical
Installation, Maintenance & Repair
Population Drive Time
Drive Time Labor Force
30min 315,864
45min 397,290
60min 490,388

Most educated MSA in the state

Wallet Hub, 2017

Nearly 70K enrolled in higher education

13,000+post-secondary completions annually

34.4% of population 25+ has a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Colleges & universities in CSCA award 2X as many Science & Engineering degree’s relative to US average

Region produces 20% more Software & Computer Science degrees relative to the national average



International Business program & ranked among the best for engineering, first-year experience, & veterans

U.S. News & World Report

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