Advanced Manufacturing

In Central South Carolina, we’re capable of making any product, and making it well.

From its early roots in textiles, our manufacturing sector has transformed into a technology intensive and innovative industry requiring a stable and qualified workforce. With one of the nation’s best workforce training programs and four technical colleges, we deliver just that – an honest, adept, and industrious workforce that gives businesses in Central South Carolina a unique advantage in a highly competitive global market. More than 10% of our workforce is employed in manufacturing, and there are nearly 100 degree, certificate, and diploma programs at our technical colleges devoted to developing next generation skills. Just like our globally-recognized manufacturers, we’ve been forward-thinking in our approach and have developed unique mixed-use spaces that blur the lines between the factory floor and the future craftsman.

Thanks to these smart investments, we’re the Beast of the Southeast. Our manufacturing GDP is among the fastest growing of the Southeastern states, and shows no signs of slowing. From composite aero structures to nuclear fuel assemblies and pharmaceuticals, we’re masters at making things.