Fairfield County


Combining small-town charm with a logistical advantage, Fairfield County offers unrivaled opportunity. Nestled between the second largest metropolitan area in the southeast, Charlotte, NC and South Carolina's capital, Columbia, nearly half of the United States is within a day's drive, while a young and skilled workforce is becoming known the world over for its craftsmanship. Running through the center of the county, I-77 provides north-south access, and with more than 50,000 experienced makers within a 60-minute drive, manufacturing thrives in Fairfield County. From mattresses to motor vehicle parts to asphalt pavers, companies are finding a home, and a partner, in Fairfield County.

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Area Stats

Average Hourly Wages
All Occupations
Assemblers and Fabricators
Metal and Plastic Workers
Material Moving Workers
Population Drive Time
Drive Time Labor Force
30min 31,350
45min 275,077
60min 511,613

Nearly 50,000 employed in manufacturing within 60-minutes

Textile Industry8.6 X more concentrated than the national average


Employers That Call Fairfield County Home

Home to the longest running clock in America and the South Carolina Railroad Museum, Fairfield County celebrates its history while offering easy access to big city amenities. From barbecue festivals to lakeside living to antique and boutique shops to peaceful country roads to hiking in a National Forest, Fairfield County offers an alluring pace of life.

Fairfield Commerce Center

158 Blue Granite Pkwy, Ridgeway, SC, 29130

Available Acres: 478.20 Total Acres: 650 Minimum Acres: 7.30 Sales Price Per Acre: $20,000.00

I-77 Megasite

I-77 & SC Hwy 34, Ridgeway, SC,

Available Acres: 1,544 Total Acres: 1,544 Sales Price Per Acre: $3,000.00

Fairfield County Speculative Building

355 Commerce Blvd., Ridgeway, SC, 29130

Available SF: 75,000 Total SF: 75,000 Sales Price: $2,200,000.00

Walter B. Brown II Park

Commerce Blvd at Cook Road, Ridgeway, SC, 29130

Available Acres: 36.60 Total Acres: 71.30 Minimum Acres: 10 Sales Price Per Acre $10,000.00 - $15,000.00

Hwy 34 Ridgeway Rail Site

Hwy. 34, Ridgeway, SC, 29130

Available Acres: 125 Total Acres: 125 Minimum Acres: 125 Sales Price Per Acre: $10,000.00

Buchanan Site

1968 SC-34, Winnsboro, SC, 29180

Available Acres: 130 Total Acres: 130 Minimum Acres: 130 Sales Price Per Acre: $5,000.00

Phillips Granite

1057 Columbia Road, Winnsboro, SC, 29180

Available SF: 21,102 Total SF: 21,102 Available Acres: 4 Total Acres: 4 Minimum Acres: 4 Sales Price: $390,000.00

500 Tillessen Blvd

500 Tillessen Blvd, Ridgeway, SC, 29130

Available SF: 18,816 Total SF: 18,816 Sales Price: $600,000.00 Lease Price Per SF: $4.00

Fazzio Building (Formerly Plastech)

396 State Highway 34 East, Winnsboro, SC, 29180

Available SF: 86,850 Total SF: 173,700 Sales Price: $1,700,000.00 Lease Price Per SF: $1.75

Charm, portion

200 East Church Street, Ridgeway, SC, 29130

Available SF: 23,200 Total SF: 173,310 Sales Price: $2,500,000.00 Lease Price Per SF: $2.75

30 Commerce Boulevard

30 Commerce Boulevard, Ridgeway, SC, 29130

Available SF: 23,012 Total SF: 67,491 Lease Price Per SF: $3.25