Farm to Table


In Central SC our plentiful rivers, abundant sunshine, and fertile lands are keeping fields – and food production facilities– flourishing. Beginning with the birth of our state, we’ve long been known as an agricultural powerhouse thanks to our year-long growing season and temperate climate. And as the food & beverage industry has advanced, moving from the fields to complex and integrated production facilities, our affordable utilities, experienced workforce, and certified land has been the perfect fit for some of the largest food companies in the world.



With a key location in the heart of the growing American Southeast, Central SC excels at providing fresh, quality food and beverage to millions of tables and shelves. Robust infrastructure and access to four major highways in the center of the state advances the industry’s growing supply-chain while our tried and true workforce is delivering quality products to meet world-class tastes. From breweries to bakeries, a dynamic mix of sites and buildings with plentiful water help global brands succeed in Central SC. Companies like Kraft, Domino's Pizza, Otis Spunkmeyer, and Starbucks are filling shelves and homes with products made in the heart of South Carolina.

Hotspot for talent NEARLY 6,000employed in food manufacturing, 16% above national average

2/3 of U.S. accessible within 2 days drive

100% of Oscar Meyer branded turkey bacon sold in the USA is produced in Central SC

Food & Beverage Processing industry is 1.2 Xmore concentrated than the national average

40+ food processing facilities


Best States for Manufacturing

Site Selection Group

Domino's Pizza: dough production, ingredients & supplies for pizza chain
Otis Spunkmeyer: muffins, cookies & cookie dough
Diamond Pet Food: dog & cat food
American Italian Pasta, Treehouse Foods: dried pasta products
Starbucks: roasted coffee
Kraft-Heinz: poultry processing, deli meats, chicken strips & dinner sausage
Devro: Edible Casings for Meat Packaging
Walter P Rawl & Sons: vegetables, leafy greens
Bimbo Bakeries: bakery products
Food Lion: distribution center for grocery chain


Employers That Call Central SC Home