Global Business Grows Here


The Central SC Region is home to more than 170 foreign-affiliated facilities including major brands like Michelin, Capgemini, Husqvarna, and Samsung. With our skilled, driven workforce, strategic location near the most productive and efficient seaport in North America, an integrated rail and highway system, pro-business regulatory environment, and affordable energy costs, we’re the place global business comes to flourish.

South Carolina continues to set new records in exports and is the nation's repeat top exporter of tires and passenger vehicles. In 2022, the state exported $31.5 billion in goods to the world, placing it among the top 20 exporters in the U.S. Collaboration efforts with companies worldwide through programs like the State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) program are helping make S.C. a global competitor in exporting.

Top 9 Exports

Transportation Equipment
Plastics & Rubber Products
Machinery, Except Electrical
Computer & Electronic Products
Fabricated Metal Products
Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components
Processed Foods

Top-Ranked In Export Sales

Passenger vehicles
Passenger tires

Top 5 Export Partners

South Korea

Top Export Companies

For Alucoil North America, doing business in South Carolina means a right-to-work state where the employees are involved and concerned about the company's success and where you find a highly-qualified workforce. The favorable tax structure, as well as the customized incentive support from state and local governments, helped our company grow and succeed in a new U.S. location that is strategically located in close proximity to the Port of Charleston for servicing the U.S. market and importing our raw materials.Clemente González Soler, Alucoil North America President