Pharmacy-Lite Prescription Packaging Ribbon Cutting

February 18, 2021

(Winnsboro, SC | Central SC Alliance) - Pharmacy-Lite Prescription Packaging, a 30-year-old family-operated business, is up and running in Winnsboro, Fairfield County, SC, with its second US manufacturing facility. The new location, announced in December 2019 as a $2.9 Million investment with 33 new jobs, is producing containers for pharmaceutical packaging through an injection molding process.

Present for the ribbon cutting were a bounty of local, regional and state partners who supported the company as it sited the local facility. Speaking during the presentation, company President and Owner Jack Brennan highlighted the unique facets of the company that make it stand out against the competition. Boasting eight distribution centers nationally, Pharmacy-Lite ships its products direct to independent and community pharmacies as quickly as next-day arrival. Its containers have been developed to hold both liquid or dry prescriptions, a specialized feature that benefits pharmacies that provided compounding services, and are made to biodegrade faster than untreated containers once disposed of in landfills. Brennan says that big box retailers aren't a focus for this family-operated business.

"The established competition, they go after the big boys. They go after the big chains and big box retailers. What we do is the opposite. We tailor our products to the needs of the community pharmacy, and they have special needs like compounding needs. They do things that the big box boys don't.

We're here in Winnsboro. We're here in Fairfield County. And we're here in South Carolina for the long term."

Take a peek at the event and inside the local operations of Pharmacy-Lite with our wrap-up video.