SC face-shield maker seeks post-COVID future after ranking among nation’s fastest growing

October 24, 2021

source: The Post & Courier Columbia

Columbia company ZVerse went on a rocket ride during the pandemic when it upended its operations to make face shields to fill a massive demand.

Now it is trying to level off and get back to its core focus, even as face shields continue to attract orders when COVID-19 numbers surge.

ZVerse was a small company of about 25 employees that supported the design and engineering process for other manufacturers, and not really a manufacturer itself, when the pandemic began, CEO John Carrington told The Post and Courier.

ZVerse would work with companies to create a viable 3-D digital model of something they wanted to build, such as a replacement machine part, and its programs would let them improve the design more quickly and send it off to be manufactured.

Back in March 2020, health care workers and other first responders were scrambling for protective equipment to use as they treated COVID-19 patients.

At ZVerse, Carrington faced the problem of laying off staff as manufacturers shut down production, but instead the company pivoted into providing face shields.

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