Victory Boats celebrates new facility in Winnsboro, SC with ribbon cutting

November 19, 2020

(Winnsboro, SC | Central SC Alliance) - Victory Boats, a sister company to Sea Pro Boats, welcomed the community to its new Winnsboro, SC facility on November 19, 2020 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. It was less than a year ago that the company announced a $3 million investment that would create 135 new jobs.

The celebration kicked off with a parade of employees, a highly-prized group of workers to the company's management.

"This was a God-given gift and opportunity that each of you are part of and should be proud of," Preston Wrenn, owner of Victory Boats explained to the crowd of employees and guests. "It's not about individuals. It's about a group as a whole that we push and provide an effort that should create a sense of pride."

[watch more from the event]

The company has already completed its first boat and is in the process of constructing a second. The Winnsboro facility will be building the company's larger boats, 24- to 32-foot in length, while the Sea Pro Boats location in Newberry County, SC will manufacture 17- to 25-foot boats. The facility is also in the stage of expanding its personnel, and interested candidates can submit applications on Tuesdays and Thursday from 1PM to 3PM.